Friday, 17 February 2012


I was recently going through some articles and found something very interesting... I have heard people always tell me be optimistic, don't be a pessimist.. Seldom do they tell us why they want us to be optimistic. Well, I have understood and felt for myself a few good things of being optimistic myself. So, i thought why not share it with you guys...
According to the article published by Mr V Chako Jacob on Trainer's forum he says that research has found that optimists do a lot better than pessimists in terms of 

  1. Health
  2. Wealth 
  3. Career Success
  • Health: I have experienced this myself, since I began thinking better of myself and stopped worrying unnecessarily my health improved dramatically. Like they say, there's no point in worrying about something that has happened and no point in worrying about something we cant do anything about. That just wastes our time and energy and spoils our health. Optimists also get well sooner than the pessimists.( You must have seen people who keep smiling in hospital beds get out of them sooner than the one's crying in it)
  • Wealth: Optimists unlike the pessimists don't worry about what they have earned and make use of it wisely to make more progress where the pessimists would still be thinking of all the negative aspects of their actions they haven't taken.
  • Career Success: In a certain company to identify a distinguishing factor of the high achievers from the low achievers they made them take a test where a certain section tested and weighed their optimism. The results of the optimism test scale revealed that all the high achievers scored the highest in that section and low achievers invariably scored low.
Now the article also tells about how to boost our optimism. Some of the interesting techniques I got from the article and from my own research are as follows:
  1. Use positive affirmations: Nothing brings out optimism than positive affirmations. Use them whenever you want a boost of positivity. These words and statements would bring an optimistic energy into your present.
  2. Straight posture and big steps: Before you straighten your head straighten your body. When you see a person walking tall with sturdy steps you see confidence and when you do that yourself you feel confident. 
  3. Use cheerful voice: Have you ever noticed your mood changing from sad or worried to cheerful when your kid or pet running to you with enthusiasm or when someone you love or you need to impress comes up to you and talks to you? This is the most fastest way to become positive, act cheerful and you will feel cheerful.
  4. Have Upbeat Attitudes: When you have a problem immediately think of a solution rather than ponder on the problem. Think of the way to overcome in than dissect the reason it happened. Concentrate on the strengths all the time rather than on the weaknesses. 
  5. Use Upbeat words:  Use positive words in speech even when talking of once problems, think of them as situations that let you be better next time. Talk positively about others.
  6. Become a role model yourself- Let your colleagues, peers, superiors and employees see you WALKING TALL, SPEAKING CHEERFULLY, USING UPBEAT WORDS AND CONCENTRATING ON SOLUTIONS.
Just remember, even a positive life has its own ups and downs else life will be very boring...

Hope you guys liked the post, Don't forget to share your views and comments...

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